Best E-Commerce Wordpress Plugins

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Best E-Commerce Wordpress Plugins

wordpress-shopping-cart-pluginsYou have a shop online on Worpress? There are many Integrating a shopping cart/E-commerce plugins on your wordpress blog for selling products and services. Here are some best of them for you!

List of Best Shopping Cart Plugins:

1. WP E-Commerce Plugin

Wp E-Commerce is the most popular plugin shopping cart plugin for wordpress till date. It has been downloaded by more than 6 lakhs+ wordpress users and is a highly functional. It’s reviews are mixed,rated 3/5, some people claims the plugin is not functioning well while some says its excellent. You can download this plugin from the link given below and test it. Its a fully featured e-commerce plugin which can serve the demand of selling products/services using wordpress blog.

Download – Wp-E-commerce Plugin

2. Quick Shop

Second plugin I list here is Quick Shop. First of all it requires PHP 5 so if check this with your hosting. A main advantage with this plugin is you can integrate a shopping cart within your posts and pages. In addition it adds a widget indicating the cart of the shopper and its wordpress MU compatible. quickshop has got a good rating of 4/5 and has been downloaded by 50K+ users. It’s got good positive reviews and is worth your download time.

Download Quick Shop Plugin

3. Shopperpress E-Commerce plugin

Its the professional shopping cart plugin for wordpress. It has been downloaded by 20000 users so far and got a good rating of 3.5/5. An advantage of this plugin is it has got a good professional support, a good community to discuss your installation problems and doubts,and they release updated versions of the plugin frequently. So lets conclude this as a reliable plugin source. Authors of this plugin sells a professional premium wordpress theme which is exclusively for shopping carts. This premium theme comes with a reasonable price and life time free support. Try that too if you are a serious business man.

Download Shopperpress Plugin

4. EcWid Shopping Cart Plugin

Its not a highly popular plugin but it has got a good rating of 4.5/5, which gives it a place here. Downloaded by 14k+ happy users. Specialties of this plugin are it uses AJAX, you can integrate it with Facebook profile,Integration with social networks, very fast and has got updates.

Download EcWid Plugin

5. EShop Plugin

Eshop is a highly popular plugin with over 1 lakh downloads and a very good rating of 4.2/5. This plugin is packed with many new features like merchant integration, eshortcode integration, WPMU compatible, Custom email messages, Download and montor sales data, basic statistics of sales, stock data and reports etc. In addition you can provide discount coupons and integrate different shipping rates. This plugin is really worth a try.

Download Eshop Plugin

6. Simple Paypal ShoppingCart

Here comes a plugin for integrating Paypal payment system to your wordpress blog. Its quiet simple and can added to your pages,posts and sidebar. Its a widely used plugin and can be used for selling both products and services. In addition this plugin has multiple currency support, a customizable “Add to Cart” button and Payment page redirection is available.

Download Paypal shopping cart plugin

7. Wp-Auctions

So at last here’s a plugin exclusively for auctions. This plugin allows a user to create multiple auctions and all for free. This plugin uses Ajax and a Pop-Up system for better user experience. You can integrate paypal as a payment option for this plugin. It comes with good admin backend support and you can easily manage auctions from you admin panel. A moderately popular plugin worth a try for auctions in wordpress.

8. Easy Donation plugin

A plugin dedicated to collect donations.  Its easy to install and integrate. You can add buttons like “Make a donation” or “Buy me a Beer” etc. This plugin is nothing greater than any of the plugins listed above. I have listed it here just because its enough for simple needs like collecting a donation.

Download easy Donation Plugin

9.Wp-Live Shopping cart plugin

This time its a widget style plugin. This plugin enables you to list all your active products within a single widget, that’s it. This widget is a customizable one and certainly you can integrate it to your wordpress blogs sidebar. Its an easy installation and you require a wordpress version higher that 2.2.

Download Wp-Live Plugin

10.Google Checkout Pluginp

Third is exclusively for Google Checkout. If you are in need of a plugin just to integrate Google Chekout alone, here’s it. Its a recent release and I am not sure about its performance. You may try it and tell me your opinions.

Download Google Checkout plugin

These plugins can help you manager your shop easily on paying and selling of your customers. Wanna shopping on your Wordpress now? Don’t wait!

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