Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website with Google, Yahoo! and Facebook Groups

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website with Google, Yahoo! and Facebook Groups

Source: DailyTechnologyTips

In today's world, Social Networking plays an important role in the success and failure of any blog or website. It is as important as the content of your website. More social networking leads to more users/traffic for your website. In this article, I will explain how you can drive the traffic to your website or blog using Groups services from some of the top internet brands e.g. Google, Yahoo! and Facebook. Though there are other sites as well but we will talk about these only in this article. 

Yahoo! Groups is the one who started its services a way before Google and Facebook and still the leader in its offerings. Google and Facebook groups too are trying to catch up Yahoo! very fast. For any website or blog, it is very important to interact with its users. Though the website itself provides the options like comments, ratings, poll etc. but apart from interaction in your website, you should also explore other platforms to interact with users who might be interested in your blog or website.

Yahoo! Groups: If you are a owner of a blog or website and you want to promote it and looking for more user interaction then you can start a new Yahoo! Group related to your website/blog. This group can be used to showcase the things about the topic of your website. E.g. If I own a site called, i can create a Yahoo! group with name Nokia 5800 Downloads. Yahoo! Groups allows you to add new members, post articles, images, attachements, links, etc. You can create polls to interact with your group members. You can even promote your group using the tools provided by Yahoo! Groups.

Just add more and more users to your Yahoo! Group and talk about your blog/website. Yahoo! Groups is a powerful tool and it can drive good amout of traffic to your website. I have seen the groups with thousands of users. You can create a new Yahoo! Group by visiting the URL

Google Groups: Unlike Yahoo! Groups, Google Groups is very simple and offers you pretty much the same as Yahoo! Groups. You can add members, create pages, add links, photos and files. You have discussions where you can post about your website and let users of the group interact with you on the topic of discussion. The interface is very simple and it's very easy for first time users as well. 

You can create a Google Group by visiting the URL You can add a link of your group to your website so that a visitor coming to your website can join the group and later you can keep informing him about any latest updates of your website through this group.

Facebook Groups: After Google and Yahoo!, Facebook too has Facebook Groups, a service which helps you connect and share with the people interested in your website or blog. If you have a Facebook account, creating and running a group is as easy as opening a webpage. Fill the few information like your Group name, the category it belongs to and a little description and there you go. You have your Facebook Groups created. Unlike Yahoo! and Google Groups, Facebook Groups is very advanced. You can add links, images, videos in a second with the cool interface it provides. You can set an event, start a discussion. You can even promote your Facebook Group.

You can invite people to join your group. There are plenty of ways provided in the interface to interact with the members of your group. Facebook Groups is the best offerings in terms of interface and functionalities. As Facebook is growing bigger and bigger, you can expect the number of visitors you can push to your website. You can take more help regarding the group creation by visiting the following page